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Fiatum – enterprise-grade fintech platform which leads the way to the future of digital banking and cryptocurrencies.

Fiatum Digital Bank makes it possible for customers to finally be able to use cryptocurrencies to pay for fiat-based goods immediately and with low transaction fees.
Available on iOS and Android soon

What we offer

Currency exchange
EUR, GBP, USD & other
Compliance with worldwide and local legislation
Most modern technological stack

Client-friendly design

For easy and comfortable work:
  • Quick payment initiation and processing
  • Real-time update (balance/exchange rate etc.)
  • Fair and transparent compliance

Why join us?

Quick & easy registration process
One questionnaire is enough to receive a limited access to the system
Fair & transparent fees
Our fees are below average market level and are subject to constant monitoring
24/7 helpline
We are always online to solve any issue & process any inquiry

Informative Online Portal

Finpay offers a convenient instrument to monitor and control online payments on your web-sites, collecting advanced statistics and lifting your business efficiency to the next level.

Continuous Evolution

We are constantly progressing in quality of services provided and integrating new payment methods
Over 15 000 transactions in 2020
More than 100 merchants
More than 1000
payment accounts
More than 20 card issuing partners

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