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We provide swift
and sepa payments

Use Payment request, PayLink, PayButton and more to accept remote payments.

Our Main Features

Easily conduct payments outside of Europe through the SWIFT international payments network
Direct IBAN Accounts
We provide multi-currency IBAN accounts that make global payments easy

Take control of your payments
By opening an account with FINPAY, you keep control of your money and can access your account 24/7
Make payments within European countries quickly and safely
We are constantly adding new methods of payments to diversify payment opportunities for your customers
Currency Exchange
Use our currency exchange capabilities, to exchange currencies right inside your account at good rates


Our direct payment accounts enable:
  • Access three main currencies (GBP, EUR, USD)
  • Access to other currenies through different correspondent accounts
  • Partner APIs for payment processing

Why join us?

Safeguarding of funds
Our safeguarding methods include (segragated custody account, trustworthy correpondent banks, high quality compliance)
Smart tariffs
We use 3 different risk categories studying each customer in terms of client orientation and compliance to AML/CTF
Quick payment processing
Our system enables automatic payment processing through APIs to our correspondent banks and semi-automatic compliance

Informative Online Portal

Finpay offers a convenient instrument to monitor and control online payments on your web-sites, collecting advanced statistics and lifting your business efficiency to the next level.

Continuous Evolution

We are constantly progressing in quality of services provided and integrating new payment methods
Over 15 000 transactions in 2020
More than 100 merchants
More than 1000
payment accounts
More than 20 card issuing partners

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